"the focus, and 'cut to the chase', of actionable things I can do now, was invaluable"

Jane, Walk n Talk™  client

                                                 About  Your Job Coach


I help people land their dream job.  This could be your first job from school or University, a new job that makes you happier and more fulfilled or gets you back into the workforce after a break.  I help you manage the minefield of job searching, the job application process, interview preparation and beyond so you have the most rewarding career you can.  Investing in yourself is the best investment you can make.

We can do career mapping together, you can attend a group session, or you can simply send me your resume for an express review.


Your Job Coach is a unique service in Adelaide, grounded in more than 20 years of working in the recruitment industry.  No job is for life any more – the average time in a role is now just 18 months.  It means that employers are incredibly savvy about how and where they recruit from, but that also presents you with an opportunity.  You don’t have to stay in the same job for your entire career – you have a choice.  The types of roles that are available are very different now too, with the changes that technology has created.  I’ve seen it all and I know exactly what you need to do to navigate this new employment market.













                                                 About Nicky


Nicky Brunning founded Your Job Coach to meet the personal needs of her clients, and you will receive her personal attention – you won’t get ‘referred’ to an anonymous team of people, or see your resume rewrite outsourced. The buck stops with Nicky and she is with you every step of the way!

With over 20 years in the recruitment industry, there is no better job coach.  I know what employers are looking for from their recruits, and what candidates need to do in order to be memorable and compete effectively.   I understand the recruitment market inside out and have worked for candidates and employers, balancing the needs of the two, in a variety of roles in the UK and Australia.  I have an excellent network in Adelaide in particular, which involves recruitment agencies, community organisations, businesses and even local and State Government.  I have coached people through retrenchment, retraining and recruitment strategies.  If you’re looking to make the most out of your career – there is nothing I can’t help you with.


I am an experienced business and operational leader and a proven performer in the Human Resources and Recruitment sectors. I have an outstanding track record in developing businesses in the recruitment sector, as well as a strong Business Development, Account Management, Research and Strategic outlook.


I am a Fellow of the Recruitment Consulting Services Association (RCSA), Accredited Associate Member of the Career Development Association of Australia, and an Accredited Member of the Australian Institute of Human Resources. 


Located in the beautiful South Australian wine producing region of McLaren Vale, I can meet clients locally or at my Tonsley office.  I work with interstate and overseas clients too using video conferencing and other cloud technologies.






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