Resume improvement and customisation

You cannot use the same resume for every job application.  If you don’t even get past the application stage, then all your hard work is wasted.  I know how you should tailor your resume for each job you apply for, so that you not only survive the shortlisting process, but thrive.

Cover letters

A cover letter is as important as the resume.  It allows you to target the job and the employer in a very specific way.  Your cover letter really needs to answer the brief and should definitely be tailored for each job you apply for.  Many employers and recruiters read the cover letter first, so it’s important to get it right, otherwise all your hard work on your resume won’t matter.  Discover the magic ingredients of a covering letter from someone who has read and acted on thousands of them.

Application assistance

For every job you apply for there is a unique set of requirements.  You need to have a really good understanding of these (often by reading between the lines) so you can tailor your application accordingly.  Some jobs ask for a lot more than a resume and covering letter and need you to apply online using pre-set templates and specific questions. I can work through each application with you and help you interpret what employers are looking for, and match these requirements to your skills and experience, drawing out the things I know they are looking for.

Interview preparation

You got the interview, so now what? I’ll help you with questions you should ask when you get the call about the interview – the who, what, where and when of interview performance. We can work on research, role-playing, example questioning and business etiquette. You’ll go in confident about what you need to say, what you’re wearing, and what you need with you as backup.

All types of interview are covered – from coffee and a chat through to panels and formal presentations. I’ll help you to assemble the right paperwork and be ready for an interview with either a company or a recruiter. We’ll also go through the post-interview process. Above all, there’s no need for nerves – not when your preparation is right.



How to manage the recruitment process

More than 300 recruitment agencies operate in South Australia alone. I can share many methods with you, to show you how to go ‘above and beyond’ to make the recruitment process go a lot smoother.  You need an agency to work for you, which means engaging properly and understanding their role. I’ll make sure you have what you need to develop a productive relationship.

While going through the job-seeking process, there is research you need to do at the beginning, but also things you need to do at the end. Once your application has gone in, your work doesn’t stop there, and you’ll gain insights into what you need to do next to turn initial interest into a job offer.

The Power Hour

Short of time but with an important career objective to work on? This turbo-charged session leaves no time for small talk as we quickly drill down to the key issues at stake.


Starting with a needs evaluation prior to our meeting, this express service can immediately give you some pointers for your cover letter, resume, application or interview, ending with a plan and a set of tools to walk away with that will help you make an immediate and constructive start to your career project. Talk to me about booking a ‘Power Hour’.



Want to get job-ready?

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