Let's get you that job!

Let's get you that job!

Are you looking for your first job, returning to work, or looking to change jobs? Your Job Coach can help you achieve your career goals – sharing with you more than 20 years of experience in the recruitment industry. You’ll find out what to do next to land a new job, re-enter work or change roles.

What we do

Your Job Coach gives you advice and support on what to do next if you are:

  • Looking for your first job from school or University

  • Returning to work after a break

  • Frustrated in your current job role and looking for a change

  • Just about to hit ‘apply’ for your dream job

There are 4 things you need to succeed:

  1. Clarity about your ideal job

  2. Confidence to go and get it

  3. A killer resume, cover letter and application

  4. Interview skills to beat your competition



You only get one chance to apply for a job - so make sure you make it count

How to access Your Job Coach


Most of my work is one-to-one and highly tailored to your individual circumstances, where you are in your career, and what you're looking to achieve. I also run group sessions to pass on many of the tips and tricks I've learnt in my 20+ years in the recruitment industry.


  • You may need some career counselling to work out what’s next. We can help you get ‘career-ready’. Check out our Walk and Talk service.  

  • Perhaps you spotted your dream job and have only a few days to put together a winning application.  We can get you ‘job-ready’. Check out The Power Hour for our express service. 

  • Maybe you need to create or update your resume and have a clearer idea on what jobs to apply for, how best to apply for them and how to manage the recruitment process or your recruitment agency. We have a menu of services to suit.  

  • Did you just get called to an interview?  Then you’ll need Interview Skills to get you over the finishing line.



The value of Nicky's experience, and knowledge of what creates impact and results, helped me be clearer on what I’m trying to achieve, as well as minimising ‘faffing’ and wasting time. The focus, and 'cut to the chase' approach of actionable things I can do now, is invaluable.    Jane C, Walk and Talk client

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